Does illegal migration contribute to high unemployment rate in South Africa?

illegal migrant

Does illegal migration contribute to high unemployment rate in South Africa?

Inadequate education and lack of productivity is costing jobs. Unemployment increases progressively with decreased educational levels, and the education system is not producing the skills for the labour market.

Labour supply is affected by the increase in the number of job seekers over the years

Too much illegal migrants going to take us back to the times of slavery ….since they are being targeted for cheap labour and child labour.

Yes and no because firstly the fact that they have migrated here is because of push factors from where they’re coming from and believe me anyone would settle for the little you’re given here than zero where you were.

No, in the sense that citizens are naturally choosy and have a sense of entitlement e.g. the government should get me a job, they should pay me a grant, they should build this and that for me well it doesn’t work that way the sooner, we understand that you reap what you sow the sooner, we will wake up to find that job otherwise a hungry immigrant will get it and prosper in your face

Everyone is a migrant, as we all come from one place to settle where we currently live. Some time it is very difficult for the natives to see the potentials within their space, they tend to be very comfortable, while migrants are very alert in search of any available opportunity.

For example, America is the land of the migrants, meaning it was built with the sweat and strength of migrants from all continent.

Without their dogged determination, America would not have been a great country it is today.

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But one thing we must keep is to ensure that the quality of the migrant into our country is very high as that adds so much value to the pool of resources in the country.

We must ensure that people who are coming to settle are bringing something very meaningful to our country.

With that, we will have more value for our population and not people with zero value but would be here to constitute a nuisance to our society.

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