Makhadzi Muimbi affirms that she’s the most beautiful girl

South African songstress, dancer and songwriter Makhadzi Muimbi has maintained that she is the most beautiful girl ever known.

This coming after a Twitter user posted a tweet suggested that the picture where she was posing with a friend seems photoshopped.

He tweeted,”For a moment I thought it was photoshopped 🥺 ”

But Makhadzi, wouldn’t have any of that, as she responded immediately by affirming that the picture belongs to her and she’s the most beautiful girl ever.

“The most beautiful girl I know. Ngi muhle shem🥰 …iam the girl”.

As if that was not enough, another user came into the conversation and tweeted,  ” I can’t believe you are 24″

And she responded,

“I know, I look 16. Drinking water helps”.

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