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Lady shares how White partner ganged up to remove her from company she founded,



Xolie Nkosi

South  African lady narrates how her white partner ganged up with their people and removed her from the company she founded with 51%  share.

Dreams of becoming a CEO is in a male-dominated sector, is not easy to attain, but have worked so hard to attain to a certain level of height in life, only to be sabotaged by your partner must be one hell of an experience in life.

A lady who goes by the name Xolie Nkosi @colour_woman has exposed how her white partner colluded with their people to get o=her out of the company she founded in 2004.

Kindly read the details of her story and share!

2004; I became a 51% shareholder with a white partner;

All was well; they were getting jobs, i was getting jobs for us thinking to myself; we are building an empire, kanti back at the ranch they have their own plans kanna; anyway

I got a tip-off that I was being played

13 years later, I found out that they were getting projects from @Engen_SA

Multi-million projects; I then confronted them and for almost 2 years I thought I will be able to talk to them, so we can sort things out; haayi not them; they sent their lawyers forced me to resign

I didn’t resign; however, I couldn’t afford attorneys; Ohhhh my; I went through the worst 2 years of my life; I was bullied; summons were delivered; literally every week; I was frightened; depressed; had no idea to fight this thing; went to


To tell my story; emailed a lady named Unathi; she was a BEE transformation Specialist Director Nogal; one of the useless people I have ever come across; she just said to me ” these people are so cruel” and that was the end of it; no follow-up email or phone call; niks

anyway back to my partners, I didn’t realize that they were that connected; they had  people with power in their pockets; they were so connected to a point when i reported  them they kept getting work; i then realized that I am not going to win this battle; I took another angle

They had another project amounting to about  48 Million; a Namibian Residence; I went to the Embassy introduced myself; ohhh boy this guy was extremely rude as I explained my situation; now I have no hope and just when I say to myself let me  just give up

November 2019. I get an email from their attorneys again; very condescending yohh guys; did I mention I have a chest problem & now and then would be at the hospital; thank God for Edenvale Hospital doctors; sometimes I would receive those emails whilst in hospital

Where was I? Ohhh yahhh So Nov 2019 I get this condescending email from their lawyer; I was like that’s it..Kgolekane; went to seek help from all angles hey; even went to EFF South Africa offices, but unfortunately they had too many cases and my case needed immediate attention

God’s grace; I find a lawyer who says ” I will take your case on Contingency”  great; he immediately emails this cow and 2020 March; goes to court;  makes sure that I get in involved in the Namibian Embassy project; guess  what the project is almost completed and COVID-19 starts

Now I have access to contractual documents right; i then find out partners forged my signature to change the account and  obtain about 13bar; i open up a fraud case against them; they are currently out on bail; June; Cupcake opens up the country; now we have to get back to work

They then offer me 4.5 million to walk away; 3M in Oct. once the Embassy project is completed and balance R100k on a monthly basis; did I mention that during 2015-2020 their income was 80 million on 1 client,. Yohhh I was tempted but there was no offer there, it had conditions

So I declined the offer and guess what they resigned; took all the money left me with a project; without money; had to borrow monies from friends and abomashonisa to complete the project; 50% interest; completed the project eventually; payment time..dololo

3-July End-user moves in the house.

They refuse to pay 3months later after accumulating interests they decide to pay a portion; OK.let me finish my story so the Principal-Agent is in Cahoots with my previous partners, now he never came to check up on the project

Even after they could travel; i guess because they wanted to give me a hard time; guyzini they were eating in that project; these guys were just paying without inspecting the work.

Did I mention the house has 23 toilets just bad Architecture, now bahana ho patella hle. I am tired

Like they refuse to pay me for what mara; they have been paying my partners millions even for the things that they didn’t do. Fast-forward 2021 4th Jan we find out my partners registered another company in 2011 where I am also a Director; this I didn’t know about

…… To be continued

Guys I don’t remember signing for a new company; that’s the honest truth; we then discover that this new company that I am not aware of has been getting projects from ABSA and Standard Bank, and then I text one of my ex-partners; and ask him; how do you live with yourself?


How do you not take care of my kids at least; (eish let’s not go there guys)I felt defeated; guess what he said; “You knew about the company we have your original signatures”.. .OK then I want my shares right of the company that made an extra 40Million; that’s my company, right?


25 January 2021 we meet in court for the criminal case; they then greeted me; it was like I am dreaming vele; like I am in shock, I wanted to cry, but I held myself together and one of them came to me and asked if we could meet the very next day

Like a fool I was, so they thought;  I agreed to meet only this time, I was in control with -61 bank balance in my account and with all the monies they have stolen; I had so much power the devil himself couldn’t even compete with me that’s how much power I had.

So I met with one of them; he begged me to drop my lawyers and all charges only this time there’s no offer on the table ohhh yes there is no offer but a monthly income. I looked at him with a victorious look and a grin and said “there is no Lawyer that can help you now

only one person that can and that’s me;  as for the monthly income I DON’T want it, mara wena; Look at me, you are going to jail” & I walked out,  we found out a lot of things guys during discovery; some are I cannot record here but all I can say Mabhuru aja Bathong


Anyway back to my Embassy Project;  180 days have passed; project completed still no payment  heavy rains; water seeps through the walls; waterproofing  wasn’t done properly; I haven’t been paid the PA sends a love letter to go and fix it or else I am not getting my retention

Bathong nthoseng;.the project is finished a long time ago; the contract has lapsed why do I need to go  back and maintain that building; unless I am being paid separately; the Principal-Agent is such a racist; I have emails to prove it; I just want to expose them

Like I have no energy to fight with them any more; December we didn’t pay our guys; January I haven’t paid them as well; they just refuse to pay and there is something new in that house that needs fixing literally every day.


The 48 Million project that my company was involved in. All, not some ALL suppliers were white companies’ e.g. Security cost R3 million the guy was paid 90 per cent upfront, in reality, the security cost was 500k. The arrogance of the suppliers when I took over.


By the time I came to the project only 900 000 was left for me; it was like the QS was just punching numbers for their payments; he didn’t even know how much was left and what was done, True Story Makgowa ayile. I fought until the project was at least 2,5 million.

Guys, please don’t mind me; this is a therapy for me; I am so happy I can now say something, and maybe it’s the wrong platform but as I go back and re-read; I laugh and cry about it and laugh at how I am narrating the story to you

Good Morning; back to the Embassy Project; the Ambassador of Namibia has been supportive and very kind; he ordered the PA to give me all contractual documents when they initially refused. When I took over the project I was treated horribly, and he encouraged me not to give up.


The PA is from Namibia very mean man yohh; ke le Bhuru le pink; laba bona bao ekari di variki; eya ke bona bao; ba kgopo  Man; my description about him makes it less so let me go back to my story.


I remember; I had panic attacks in the middle of the freeway; my brother’s phone call came just in time; he kept on screaming just breath; breathe Xolie breath until the next garage; they treated me so bad to a point where they made me take pictures of certain rooms in the house.


Just to see if I was on-site; they sent me emails to belittle and ridicule me copying 13 other people; in one of the emails he wrote Why didn’t you let your partner finish this Project Ms Nkosi; what have you got to lose; it will take 3 years for you guys to go court.



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