Covid-19: A lady who wanted to escape from a hospital due to the bad treatment, dies mysteriously.

Mzansi are seeking justice for Maya who died at Edenvale Hospital. Before her death, Maya shared some sensitive information about doctors trying to kill her. Maya was desperate to escape the hospital but unfortunately, she died before anyone could save her.

Unconfirmed claims state that Maya was given some gas instead of oxygen, and she immediately became weak and dizzy before taking her last breath.

Image: Maya died at Edenvale Hospital.

Following Maya’s death, more and more people are coming out with damning allegations about health care workers. There are claims that there are tenders from mortuaries to nurses to kill patients and claim its Covid-19.

According to several South Africans, the sad thing is that some nurses and doctors want to talk, but they fear losing their jobs. A Twitter user claims that he has been warned by a doctor who is a friend to stay away from hospitals because there’s a lot going on there. “They don’t even sanitize the Covid19 ward, they don’t wash the blankets… yoh hai let me tool,” the Twitter user said.

@divineflex This is definitely not news to me. Someone told me a long time ago that they were getting paid to deliberately kill COVID-19 patients at these government hospitals. #JusticeForMaya

@MartinNhlawu People recover at home and die in hospitals” it is now making sense day by day. People are being murdered in our watch! God have mercy!

If all these allegations are true, one day a doctor or a nurse will come forward. Luke 12:2 -3 For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed, neither hid, that shall not be known. What’s done in the dark will surely come to light.

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