A mother and daughter caught the father with another woman in his car(See pictures)

We all know that there is no relationship that is perfect all the time, relationships have their ups and downs. Some people deal with their problems different too. A man was caught by the daughter and a mother with another woman in his car in Jane Furse plaza,Limpopo.



It was alleged that the mother and daughter were walking around the plaza when the mother saw her husband’s car with a young lady inside it. The mother lost it and went straight to the car and sat on top of it, in the front part(bonnet).


The father was trying to tell the mother not to cause the drama since people were starting to record them and giving them attention. The mother didn’t even listen she continued and laid on top of it while it was moving.

The daughter was running and shouting at her dad and the young lady, telling her to get out of her dad’s car. The young lady did so and left them just like that. This was so heartbreaking to watch because the father didn’t even care about the mother of his kid. See pictures below :



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