Mzansi reacts as President Ramaphosa caught breaking Covid 19 rule

People always get excited if they meet celebrities or other important people. It’s even more joyful if you were to meet the president himself.

A certain girl named Mbali shared her pictures after she met the president in her neighbourhood while he was taking a morning jog. She was very happy and plucked up enough courage to stop him so that she could take a selfie with her. To her surprise President Cyril Ramaphosa agreed and they took a beautiful picture.

After Mbali posted the picture people noticed something else. There was no social distance being observed in the picture as the two seemed to be too close to each other. The social distance rules requires people to be a meter apart from each other but this was not the case here.

Some people advised that the president should wear a surgical mask when jogging because it allows air to pass through more than the one he was wearing in the picture.

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