Covid19: Somizi Mhlongo Crying for help

Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung begs his fans for help. It’s anything but a mystery that Somizi Mhlongo-Motaung is one celeb who has a way of life who all fantasy and wish to leave.

The media character has a preference for the better and costly things and we truly can’t reprimand him for he can manage the cost of it so why not ruin himself.

Somizi actually needs to add more to his costly assortment. The ldol SA judge is slobbering over an extravagance Luis Vuitton, anyway the cost of the sack will overwhelm you.

Somizi took to web-based media to beg his fans to help him purchase his new love which cost an amazing R300 000.

He shared the image of the pack and subtitled it with “Presently this sack has my name on top of it… ..swabisani usathane and simply get it for me… .else I’m going to kwata… ..get it myself and never under any circumstance address u all again… .really I’m going to hinder the entirety of u… .hello don’t u challenge.”


Somizi was moving the entire of a week ago after he offended two columnist one writer had gotten some information about his supposed separation from Mohale and the other had gotten some information about his preparing show Dinner at Somizi being halted.

Rather than answering to them he took their number to online media allowing his fans to likewise abuse the writer protection.

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