Check out 7 countries with no Coronavirus cases in 2021

The spread of Coronavirus left the whole world in a shock and it took us all by surprise , which is alarming ,to a point where it’s very hard to believe that there are some countries with no reported Covid 19 cases ,as of the 24th of January 2021 seven countries have not reported have not reported any cases of Covid 19.

These are the countries with no confirmed Covid 19 cases as from 24th of January 2021.

1.North Korea ,Asia

As the neighbours of China North Korea immediately closed all its borders ,on the 21st of January and never opened them ,until they introduced strict measures for people who are coming into the country which includes two months of quarantine

They have been a lot of questions in how North Korea never reported a single Covid 19 case being the closest to China which is affected , however on the 26th of July Korea reported it’s first suspect case after a full investigation they then stated that it wasn’t a corona virus case.

2.Turkmenistan ,Asia

Most of the land borders more than a month ago in early February ,they then cancelled all flights and flights from and to China , Turkmenistan is surrounded by countries infected by Coronavirus ,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, and Afghanistan.

3.Kiribati , Oceania

A state of public Emergency was declared and schools where closed for two weeks from the 30th of March,there have been no reported Coronavirus cases in Kiribati.

4.Tonga ,Oceania.

When Fiji reported it’s first Corona virus Tonga immediately closed all borders only allowing foreigners within the country to leave from the 29th of March Tonga has been on lock-down.

In July they allowed All the Tongans to return home from Fiji , under specific rules , each flight was allowed to carry only less than 60 passengers ,as soon the passengers arrived to Tonga they where moved to a quarantine zone in a hotel ,in which all the roads Crossing the hotel are all closed and heavily guarded by police.

5.Palau , Oceania.

There are currently no Covid 19 cases in Palau , Although at some point there was an individual who was suspected of being infected , but the results came as negative.

6.Tuvalu , Oceania

Tuvalu is known as the least visited country in the world , with an estimation of less than 200 tourists in a year ,the fact it’s the least visited country in the world , actually played a major role to its favour to prevent an outbreak.

7.Nauru , Oceania

Nauru is also one of the least visited places in the world, just like Tuvalu this helped Nauru to prevent the virus , this is also one of the smallest country in the world , and it has managed to stay Coronavirus free.

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