What South Africans should expect on the 29th of January on Alcohol, Schools, Jobs and Events

It is still unknown when President Cyril Ramaphosa will allow alcohol sales again in South Africa, but it is true that alcohol sales play a very important role in some people’s lives. There many households who lost their jobs because of alcohol ban, for example: people who work at breweries, tavern owners and workers in liquor stores. People are also expecting changes on school dates because parents are worried now because of this dangerous second wave of Covid-19.

People have been waiting for great news since the 15th of January and the list of things that they are waiting for are the following;

Good news on alcohol sales because people lost their jobs. Borders to be opened because there are people who work outside our country. Events and Entertainments to be allowed again

R350 for unemployed people to return and also government to bring back those R500 increase on Child Support Grants.

This list is what people are still waiting for because if you can look at that list then you will see that some people are unemployed because of this lockdown level and those who depend on entertainment and events can’t hustle because of this lockdown level.

President Cyril Ramaphosa and his cabinet members don’t know what to do because if they take us back to lockdown level 1 then many people’s lives will be on risk because we are still waiting for vaccines in South Africa and we don’t when will vaccines arrive in South Africa.

President Cyril Ramaphosa should address the nation this week Friday and give us updates on this list, this lockdown level 3 should continue until South Africa get vaccines to minimise the spread of corona but government should at least help those who are unemployed because of this lockdown.

It is sad because some people were relying on SASSA relief funds for unemployed people but those relief funds were stopped and it won’t be easy for unemployed people to survive the whole lockdown level 3 if it will continue.

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