WATCH: Metro police officer shoot Car Tyres after driver refused to open.

A video showing two metro police officers shooting car tyres after the driver refused to open the door. The video shows the two officers trying to open the door without any luck.

They resorted to kicking and shooting tyres of the car which is believed to be an Audi, during all this ordeal the driver of the car 9 remained inside.




The video also shows that after sometime the car managed to speed away and metro police officers chased after it. Metro police officers 9chased after the car into a certain building. This has made many twitter users angry, some alleged that the driver must bee hiding drugs in the car hence he didn’t open the door. Others praise the officers for shooting kicking and shooting the tyres, they claim the same thing happens when one doesn’t open the door in their home.

The video clip divided Mzansi people, many alleged the officers had no right to do what they did. This car driver is suspicious who in their right mind would refuse to open their door if they have no

thing to hide? Who would risk their lives and speed away with flat tyres if they are not hiding anything in the car?

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