South African Bishop Nicholas snatches a young man’s girlfriend

Durban-based young man Toto Miya (27) has lamented how he was still heartbroken as a result of how Bishop Nicholas Sangweni (70) of Damascus White Church in Ulundi, snatched his girlfriend   Bonisiwe Hlongwa (27) from Ndwedwe who he hoped to marry.

The Sun reported on Saturday that Bishop Sangweni has been married with two children. Meanwhile Miya said that when he saw Bonisiwe, he thought that she would become the mother of his children.

He explained how theiy were living in peace and harmony before the Bishop Sangweni came into their relationship, and destroyed everything.

He confesses that he still loves Bonisiwe and will never stop loving her because his mind has told her that he has found a partner.

The young man says he started dating Bonisiwe in 2017 but things started to go awry in their love affair in mid-2020 when he received evidence that his girlfriend was dating Bishop Sangweni.

The Sun on Saturday saw a series of talks in which Bishop Sangweni and Bonisiwe promised to have sex the next day. Their speech was on December 7 last year.

In the interview, Bishop Sangweni even pleads with Bonisiwe to wash the “cow” thoroughly because he says he wants to get it right the next day. Miya said the message broke his spirit but he continued to fall in love with Bonisiwe.

“I asked her what was going on between her and the Bishop. She said that his father knew him and nothing else connected them. She later admitted that they were in love and said she was addicted to the great things Bishop Sangweni did for him, ”explained Miya.

Every month, Miya says that Bishop Sangweni’s daughter has been investing in him. He said that in December R900 came in two days later and Bishop Sangweni deposited R1200 again.

He said that while he was applauding, Bishop Sangweni gave his girlfriend with a high-end Sumsung A11 galaxy for R3500 at the shop.

All in all, he says, he can see that Bishop Sangweni is still warming himself as he prepares to do more.

“I’m just talking to you about building a big house in Stanger. I don’t know how I did this. I’m really confused. I can see that I was still a little apprehensive when I admired the money they invested in him because this is the biggest thing about building a house for my girlfriend, ”he said.

He said they had split up because they were living in an argument over Bishop Sangweni’s story which he said was like a waste of time in their love.

“To my surprise, I phoned Bishop Sangweni and told him to leave my girlfriend alone. He answered me and said which one,  it was because there were so many things. That statement shocked me, ”he said.

The Sun on Saturday phoned Bishop Sangweni and he admitted he knew Bonisiwe. He said it was nonsense that they were in love and that they were related to the Show. When a reporter asked her how they were related she just shrugged.

SHOWED Hlongwa caused by a young man and the Bishop.

They want to undermine my reputation. I am married, ”she says, trembling. Asked if they were in love with Bishop Sangweni, Bonisiwe initially admitted and denied the allegations.

He said he did not know Bishop Sangweni.

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