Weather forecaster Mkhushulwa angry with the jokes on Hurricane Eloise

The weather forecaster who has been making headlines on social media over the weekend has expressed deep disappointment at the way people have distorted his report.

Mkhushulwa Msimang said this following his warning about Hurricane Eloise. The typhoon was to hit Mozambique and get stuck in parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

Mkhushulwa said in his weather report he made it clear that not all areas would be affected and it would be disappointing if people forced Eloise into their areas.

After issuing the warning to the South African Weather Service, people began to make jokes on social media that he should be arrested if the cyclone did not reach him.

Some even recorded songs, recording messages on the report themselves and making videos.

This did not go down well with Mkhushulwa, who today spoke on Khozi FM’s evening program hosted by Mroza and Mzokoloko, saying he was saddened by the jokes.

Mkhushulwa said when they warned about the weather, the safety of the people was taken into account and many departments were affected by the distortion of the report.

He said he understood that there were people who were entertaining but he wished people would stop playing with weather warnings because it was saving lives and finding ways to protect themselves.

He concluded by saying that those who had insulted him following the pages opened on social media about him asked them not to worry about it because he was not on social media.

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