Somizi and Prince KB “Stuck in the mud ” Music or Love

 Somizi has been on a several controversies online lately, but has found away around these buzz by ensuring his bags get larger with those coins.

The media personality was seen in a cozy position with the Amapiano music sensation Prince Kaybee, which triggered a lot of interest and suspicion from the fans who are wondering if it is love or really music.

It was recently rumoured that he is planning to divorce his husband, Mohale over infidelity which was published on one of the media houses.

There is a trending picture recently on social media of two celebrities named Somizi and Prince KB, they took a picture in the studio where they were busy recording a new upcoming track called ” stuck in the mud”

Although fans seem to be making up the jokes about this some saying they will end up in bed and stuff like that.

People really shouldn’t be commenting stuff like this, these people may be friends or business partners they can’t just assume their stuff, especially sensitive stuff like this.

Prince KB and Somizi would really make a good track. So people should stop commenting in appropriate, nasty comments and focus more on the upcoming track “stuck in the mud” soon.

Here is the picture that was shared below :

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