Somizi And Mohale Divorce : Here are what we know and how Much Mohale Will Get As Divorce Settlement

Somizi and Mohale have been on everyone’s lips of late. This was mainly attributed to the fracas between Somizi and the media. Somizi came out guns blazing after an article carried on by City Press suggesting that he was divorcing his husband Mohale after he caught him cheating with a married family friend.

Somgaga vehemently declined the claims and challenged the reporter to post proof of the claims.

“Show people the proof that Mohale is cheating on Somizi, don’t come up with stories that are non-existent. For me, that is the issue and if that’s what journalism is about, then I am not going to sit down and be a doormat and be quiet about it.”

Somizi and Mohale divorce has been spoken about for months now. No one really knows what is happening in the couple’s life who got married at an extravagant wedding last year that spared no expense.

A source claimed that the two got married in a COP (Community Of Property) union. In a community of property marriage, all assets and liabilities belonging to you and your spouse are merged together into one joint or communal estate, subject to a few exceptions.

A Somizi and Mohale divorce will set Somizi back millions of rands.

Should the two get divorced, Mohale is set to get half of Somizi’s wealth and will be set for life. According to the Mzansi richest list, Somizi ranks in the top 10 of the list with an estimated R77 million as of 2020.

Somizi Mhlongo owns mansions in prestigious suburbs. He is one of the highest-paid South African media personalities. Somgaga has business interests in Media (Both Radio and Television).

Rumour has it that from his endorsements and businesses, Somizi makes around R710 000 per month, which’s beyond people’s wildest dreams.

Should the two get divorced, Mohale will get a guaranteed minimum of R30 million, among other things.

Looking at the figure, this is probably why Somizi and Mohale divorce has not been finalised or will never happen in the future.

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