Home remedies that can help reduce the symptoms of Covid-19

The prevalence of Coronavirus in South Africa, which has put pressure on health facilities, has led many people to have home-based products in the hope that they will be free of the virus, if it does not become ill until they need to go to the hospital.

They do this by taking certain home remedies, some snoring, and others using substances that will strengthen the immune system so that when the virus comes they will not be weakened.

Health experts say that there are things people can do at home that excuse them. Today we look at what these things they can use and how they should use them so that they do not become poison to them.

Health experts say that home remedies are not easy because most remedies lack scientific evidence that they can cure Coronavirus.

Herbal remedies, some of which are used for cooking, are known to cause common colds and there is no evidence that they do bother Coronavirus so it is difficult to know how much to apply.

The best drinks for people who are known to cause common colds such as ginger, garlic, lemon balm are most common at this time because it is believed that it also helps Covid-19.

Experts say that these home remedies are helpful, but you should never stop taking your prescription if you have the virus, even though it may not cure Covid-19, but it can treat the symptoms of the virus.

Dr Atiya Mosam, a specialist in general medicine, said snoring helps reduce congestion.

“Although there is no cure for the virus, it helps to reduce the number of people who are infected with Covid-19. But people should be careful if they use an antiseptic because the sweat is infected and should not be touched by anyone else, as he can get the virus,” said Dr Mosam.

Dr Indira Govender said snoring helps if you have mild symptoms but there is no cure for the virus.

Drinking lemon juice and ginger are recommended because they contain vitaminC which gives the body the ability to fight germs.

Dr Mosan said lemon juice and ginger help relieve sore throat which is also common in patients with Covid-19.

“It’s easy to drink lemon juice with ginger from a diarrhea person and a person who feels unwell and ginger relieves nausea,” said Dr. Govender.

Another aid for a person with a high temperature is to put a cloth soaked in warm water.

Dr Mosama said cold water from the fridge and ice was not used.

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