Bonang Matheba Explains Her Absence From Social Media: “Like a Boss”

Bonang Matheba has explained to her millions of followers why she was absent from social media since mid-December 2020. The stunner took to Twitter recently to let her 4.6 million fans know why she has not posted anything for the last few weeks.

Many people noticed that the star had stepped back from social media since mid-December and when she posted recently on Twitter they wanted to know why she had been so quite.

A tweep told Queen B that she has been “scarce” lately and asked her what is happening. The media personality had a few words for the fan. She responded: Little baby laughs hard as mum tries to “dance” for the gram “Resting… enjoying life.” Bonang’s fans took to her comment section to share their thoughts on her response.


Many shared that she deserves the rest.

Check out some of their comments below: @Thabani_S3 wrote: “Its been said ‘the quiet ones are the ones to watch out for’, you’re letting other kids eat because the day you emerge you’re taking back all the bags lol.” @ChampagneS1YA said: “Patiently waiting for that iheart radio gig to commence.”

@LAdy24_Q commented: “Like a boss.”

@Ipymo wrote: “I’ve seen this movie before, and it always ends with you dropping something you were working on when you said you’re resting. So I’m just going to save for whatever it is.”

@DQFab_ZA added: “You’re missed B.” Bonang Matheba has explained her absence from social media. Image: @bonang_m

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