Dr Wouter Basson, popularly known as Dr Death is found to still practicing in the Medical field. 

Dr Wouter Basson, popularly known as Dr Death is found to still practicing in the Medical field.

Wouter Basson is a South African cardiologist and former head of the country’s secret chemical and biological warfare project, Project Coast, during the apartheid era

For those who may not know: Basson oversaw, through Project Coast (1981-1993) the manufacturing of ecstacy and mandrax in South Africa. These drugs were used on political prisoners.

He created enough toxic chemicals to poison water pipes in townships for the purpose of creating cholera outbreaks.

In 2002 hé was acquitted of charges of murder and fraud in a high profile trial which has lasted over two years.

He was acquitted by Judge Willie Hartzenberg on forty-six charges of murdering apartheid opponents, conspiracy, drug possession and fraud. During the apartheid era Basson was in the frontline of South Africa’s covert chemical – and germ warfare operations against anti-apartheid activists.

This is a shame to South Africa and spit in the face to all the lives lost through his genocide and crimes against humanity missions.


“If they had the things we developed at that stage, or were busy developing it before Marikana, it would never have happened. It was our job to prevent such things from happening.”

Wouter Basson


Things= chemical weapons

Stage= apartheid.



He had planned to poison Madiba with thallium to impair his brain just before his release.


It is not out of place to check on Madiba after his release for any possible poisons. Dr Death was functioning in many hospitals in the mid to late 80s prior to 11 February 1990.


Think about the places where drugs are a problem. You’ll also find they were the spaces where political organizations against apartheid were active. That’s thanks to Project Coast.



HPCSA found Basson guilty of unprofessional conduct but they didn’t sentence him due to unavailability of counsel.


He then brought an application in the high court that ruled that there was bias on the part of the committee members that presided over the disciplinary hearing.


The court then set aside the guilty verdict Against him


When Mediclinic was contacted, they responded thus;


“By law doctors are independent practitioners & cannot be employed by Mediclinic Southern Africa. We cannot prohibit HPCSA registered doctors, including Dr Basson, from practising unless they are prevented by law from doing so. Kind regards, the Mediclinic South Africa team.”



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