– Tshego prepares to charge Cassper Nyovest to court


Tshego has accused Cassper Nyovest of not paying him a cent for the music he made while under Cassper’s label Family Tree. indicating that he is  going to court to get justice.

Tshego has lost his patience with Cassper Nyovest and has slammed the artist for not paying him for the music he released while working under Cassper’s label Family Tree.

However, the deal between Cassper nad Tshego was not formal, this has not stopped Tshego from demanding his pound of flesh.

“If I told you I haven’t seen a single cent (sales) from HENNESSY, GARDEN, THE VIBE, TELL EM SAY, SO HIGH, DEM AH WIND, etc… what would you say? Mind you, I OWN THE MASTERS ON ALL THESE SONGS!”


Tshego has come out swinging at Cassper Nyovest, accusing him of not paying him. Photo credit: tshego_worldwide

However in 2018, Tshego once wrote how good family tree has been for him and praised Cassper for not making money from his artists, which allowed them to create an environment where everyone is their own boss with their own team.

Source: Instagram

Tshego is taking Cassper to court and…

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