AKA chickens out from the fight with Cassper.

AKA has peeps believing the boxing match with Cassper Nyovest is off a minute ago read comments by  Denika Herbst – AKA has fans thinking he is too scared to take on Cassper Nyovest in the highly anticipated boxing match – After being harassed by a fan, AKA said that he was a little too busy to sign papers for the boxing match at the moment – The people could not belive what they were seeing and let AKA know that they think he is just scared

It has been over a year that we having been waiting for some confirmation of the boxing match that was supposed to happen between ago-old enemies – AKA and Cassper Nyovest. This topic is really getting old now, as it has had all of us waiting in anticipation for this big event to happen.

Fans have been lead down a path, paved by the two, encouraging us to purchase an album and shout-outs for their new ventures. The pair have been followed by their fans patiently waiting for the big day to arrive. Bonang explains what she has been so quiet: “I’m on holiday” The last time AKA spoke about the match, he did confirm that it would be taking place between the first or second period of the New Year.

Just before releasing his new album, Cassper was passing comments that he was ready to fight AKA in the very near future. AKA accused Cassper of allegedly using the upcoming boxing event in order to promote his new release A.M.N.

Even though Cassper had expressed that the fight would be happening soon, he had not signed the contract as yet. This matter has, as we believe, has been put to rest. Dangling a carrot once again, during the preparation of his release of the “Nokuthula,” featuring Busiswa and Legendary P music video, the now irritating topic was on the agenda.

Cassper advised that it was in actual fact AKA that had not yet signed agreeing to the fight. Focusing on his BHAVOMANIA, AKA took the decision not to react to the insinuation, which seems to have worked against him.

AKA has fans thinking he is too scared to take on Cassper Nyovest in the highly anticipated boxing match.


Instagram Friday night saw a troll intervene with a comment all the while AKA was promoting his SABC1 host talk show, “The Braai Show with AKA”.

The question the troll wanted answered, was AKA going to sign the contract for the boxing match. AKA’s reaction to this was proving to have the same sentiments as Cassper. “I’m too busy signing deals to tarnish my image remember?”

Fans were having none of AKA’s excuses and made it known. The fight must go on and AKA needs to man up, so say the people of Mzansi.

Cassper Nyovest had earlier spoken about how much love he has for boxing. He revealed that he’s in love with boxing just as much as he loves music and dancing.

He said that he can’t wait for his highly-anticipated “fight” with fellow rapper AKA. He referred to AKA as a “small” boy and said that he can’t wait to teach him a lesson.

He took to social media to share his thoughts: Doctor hugs Covid-19 patient who missed his wife on Thanksgiving Day “Yo! I really really love boxing! Like, I found something that I love just as much as rap and dance.

  • I improve by the day and I can’t wait to get in the ring with small boy. That’s if he doesn’t run. All that talk over the years is about to cost you a lotta pain boy.”

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