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Suspect held for public violence after shots fired at EFF’s Brackenfell High protest



Cape Town – A 39-year-old suspect has been arrested for public violence after shots were fired during a clash between EFF protesters and residents outside Brackenfell High School on Monday.

Public order police and other law enforcement agencies had to restore order, Western Cape police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana said. The suspect was initially charged with attempted murder, but it’s believed he had only an imitation firearm.

Rwexana said no injuries were reported and no other arrests have been made. The police are monitoring the situation and Frans Conradie Drive and Paradys Road have been closed.

‘’It is alleged that a member of the public fired shots. A case of public violence was opened for investigation,“ Rwexana said.

’’A 39-year-old suspect that is yet to be processed was arrested. Police took action to disperse the crowd, no injuries were reported and no other arrests were effected at this stage.

A Brackenfell resident holds up a placard as EFF members protest outside the local high school. Picture: Ayanda Ndamane / African News Agency (ANA)

“Police will remain in the area until law and order is restored.’’

EFF members were accused of throwing stones and sticks at residents who were blocking their entry.

In an African News Agency (ANA) video, residents could be seen running towards the protesters, pelting them with objects, asking them “what are you doing here” and telling them that they needed to leave immediately. A fight then breaks out and mayhem ensues.

When police arrive at the scene of the fighting, a stun grenade is fired and incensed residents shout for the EFF protesters to be arrested as order is restored. The EFF continued with their protest further away as insults are hurled at them.Play Video

The EFF, who also protested on Friday, demanded two Brackenfell High teachers and the principal be fired after the teachers had attended a private matric function that was only attended by white pupils and their parents.

Black pupils said they were neither informed nor invited to the function. While the school has distanced itself from the event, the EFF says it must accept some responsibility because of the teachers’ attendance.

The Western Cape Education Department has said that it could not take action against anyone because it was a private party.

The department is, however, investigating allegations that the school may be guilty of racism in its staffing practices. Currently, the school has two coloured teachers on its staff of 40 educators. No black teachers have reportedly been employed at the school since 1994.

A Brackenfell resident, when asked before the EFF arrived if he thought things are going to turn violent, said: ’’This is absolutely disrespectful. To protect the school, that is why we are here.

“The EFF will not come in Brackenfell and disturb our country. Die EFF gaan nie kom moeilikheid maak in Brackenfell nie (The EFF won’t come and cause trouble in Brackenfell).”

Neil de Beer, leader of the United Independent Movement (UIM), who was asked by parents to get involved, said outside the school before Monday’s protest: ‘’I want this to be understood. The people of Brackenfell, as I know them, are not racist. This is not a racial issue, this is an issue of the rights of children to be in peace.’’

De Beer said he had entered a plea on behalf of the UIM on Friday to the Speaker of Parliament, Thandi Modise, to form a judicial inquiry against EFF members, who took an oath of office to protect this constitution but are “in breach’’. He said they should be reprimanded and removed from Parliament.

Brackenfell resident Richard Collins, who was there in support of all the children, said: “I am a father myself, my daughter matriculated last year. I can just imagine what this is doing to the children, especially having to write exams.

“They must be intimidated, some must be in fear of their lives, especially the Grade 8s, it’s uncalled for, it is unnecessary about somebody who just wants to be plain stupid if I can call it that.’’

However, the provincial Education Department said its hands were tied as they “cannot take action against educators who were invited as guests and attended a private event which they did not organise and had no prior knowledge of the attendees”.

The EFF’s picket today follows demonstrations on Friday when the organisation gathered at the school and demanded that the two teachers as well as the principal be fired.

Their call follows black pupils saying they were neither informed nor invited to the event, which was organised by parents.

EFF Western Cape chairperson Wandile Kasibe claimed they were met with racism from some of the school community during the party’s demonstration on Friday.

“The event reproduced a space for segregation. The school has distanced itself from the event, but two teachers went. They must be fired.

“We are going to the school (today) to confront that racism,” Kasibe said.

At the demonstration last week, a car’s window was smashed, which Kasibe alleged was their vehicle.

Police spokesperson Andre Traut said police were investigating malicious damage to property.

“The window of a vehicle belonging to one of the protesters was damaged. The circumstances are being investigated and a suspect is yet to be arrested,” Traut said.

A parent on the ball’s organising committee said she was growing tired of the fuss being made about the event, and she was now concerned about the stress pupils were under as they were writing their finals. She said the teachers were invited as “friends” of parents.

“A lot of lies are being spread about the event. It was a private event paid for by parents, and the teachers were invited as friends of ours,” she said.

Western Cape Education Department (WCED) spokesperson Bronagh Hammond said the department was aware of today’s expected picket and would be monitoring it closely.

She said the WCED cannot take action against teachers who were invited as guests. “The WCED has engaged with the school and learners and will continue to address the concerns that have been raised. No other reports of discrimination have been reported to the WCED this year.

“The WCED will also be monitoring the actions of the EFF (today). Matric learners are writing their NSC, so any disruption to these examinations could have negative consequences for all the learners,” Hammond said.

The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has meanwhile said the kind of exclusion displayed publicly at Brackenfell High School existed at schools across the province, including at majority black and coloured schools.

SAHRC provincial commissioner Chris Nissen said they would approach the school to look at implementing diversity management programmes.

Following a call for the SAHRC to intervene, Nissen said a formal complaint would first go through the head office.

“We are concerned that this is happening, especially at schools where pupils are taught life skills on how to positively contribute to diversity in the country.

’’I have seen from doing diversity workshops that this happens across the board, it’s not just Brackenfell High.”

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Daily Trends

Evidence: How AKA broke down a door to get to Anele Tembe




Almost a month before Anele “Nelli” Tembe fell to her death at a Cape Town hotel on 11 April this year, she locked herself inside a room to hide from her fiancé, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

In images released to News24 for the first time, the award-winning rapper can be seen using his hands to violently break down a wooden door to enter the bedroom in their apartment in Bryanston, Johannesburg where Tembe was hiding. The incident is alleged to have taken place on 13 March.slide 2 of 6

AKA bashes through bedroom door

After bashing down the door with his hands and legs, AKA forced entry into the room in which Anele Tembe was hiding.Supplied

AKA bashes through bedroom door

After bashing down the door, AKA forced entry into the room in which Anele Tembe was hiding.Supplied

AKA bashes through bedroom door

After bashing down the door, AKA forced entry into the room in which Anele Tembe was hiding.Supplied

AKA breaks down a wooden bedroom door

AKA broke down a wooden door in his Bryanston apartment on 13 March 2021, to get to Anele Tembe who had looked herself in the bedroom.Supplied

AKA bashes through a bedroom door

After bashing down the door, AKA forced entry into the room in which Anele Tembe was hiding.Supplied

AKA bashing through door

After bashing down the door, AKA forced entry into the room in which Anele Tembe was hiding.Supplied

AKA bashes through bedroom door

After bashing down the door with his hands and legs, AKA forced entry into the room in which Anele Tembe was hiding.Supplied

AKA bashes through bedroom door

After bashing down the door, AKA forced entry into the room in which Anele Tembe was hiding.Supplied

A close friend of Tembe, who has now spoken out, says Tembe told her that Forbes smashed her face against a wall during a fight in their apartment after which she locked herself in the bedroom.

“She then sent me the video of the attack. AKA is so violent in the video that he breaks down the door of the room that Anele had locked herself in, whilst escaping his blows, with his bare hands. This is an attack that I want women to be shielded from,” the woman, who requested anonymity out of fear of intimidation, wrote in a statement to News24. 

Tembe fell to her death from the 10th floor of the Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town last month. Her friend has also provided Cape Town police, who are conducting an inquiry into her death, with a copy of the video. 

She wrote:In the past few weeks, following the passing of my close friend Anele Tembe, I have been meditating and seeking guidance on what it is that I am to do in order to exercise my rights and to deliver on my responsibilities as a young adult in a country that fails to adequately protect its women and girls. The responsibility that I have is towards the many women and girls in this country, especially young women such as myself, who remain impressionable.

“Anele Tembe, who was dating and later [became] engaged to Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, was a victim of severe violence at the hands of AKA. Anele was on numerous occasions physically and emotionally abused by AKA. My beloved friend was a victim of gender-based violence (GBV). As women, we are too quiet about the abuse that is happening behind closed doors. We must speak out! I am today speaking out.”

According to the woman, Tembe recorded her fiancé breaking down the door in their Bryanston apartment. He had allegedly smashed her face against a wall during a fight, and she ran to the bedroom to escape. Tembe allegedly gave the footage to her friend, who also came to her rescue after the attack. 

Three pictures that were given to News24 show Tembe in shock and pain after the alleged assault. She went to her friend’s house, who assisted by putting bags of frozen food on her bruises. slide 1 of 1

Anele Tembe treated her bruises with ice packs

SuppliedPHOTO: Supplied

“Anele, on many nights, sought protection from those close to her whenever AKA, whom she said became extra violent whenever he had taken drugs, attacked her. We often picked up Anele from AKA’s house in the early hours of the morning following endless attacks on her by AKA,” her friend said.

She added: “Anele reported the incident to me. She then sent me the video of the attack.”

On Saturday afternoon, News24 sent questions to Forbes’ publicist, Pumza Nohashe, about the Bryanston incident and asked him why he broke down the door, whether he had assaulted Tembe before breaking down the door, and whether he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

A few hours later, without having replied to our specific questions or calls, Forbes released a statement on his social media pages, describing his relationship with Tembe as “beautiful, yet challenging”, saying he was aware of people who contacted the media in an attempt to influence the ongoing police inquest into Tembe’s death.

“As numb as I was at Anele’s funeral, I took in every word imparted, the direct ones and all those filled with innuendos. I will not be a part of speaking on or exposing our troubles as a couple, to defend myself from one-sided views that are portrayed out of their full context. Every story has two sides, and so does every video, image and message,” said Forbes. 

The rapper stated that he had no intention to discuss his “at times… tumultuous” relationship with Tembe. 

“It is a sad day when I find myself having to speak of my relationship with Anele. What makes it even worse is the knowledge that some of the people she and I loved and entrusted with our deepest troubles are now using those as weapons to set a negative narrative on my character,” he said.slide 1 of 1

Rapper AKA after he was allegedly assaulted

AKA’s camp distributed a picture of the rapper after an alleged incident of domestic violence in December 2020.Supplied

Following his statement, videos and a picture of Forbes with a bruised and swollen upper eye were leaked to News24 by a source who is sympathetic to him. 

In one of the videos, taken by Forbes, Tembe can be seen sitting on the bedroom floor of the Bryanston apartment with her hands on her face rocking back and forth, saying: “I can’t believe this… I just want my mom, just want my mom.” 

In the video, the room has been destroyed and glass shards, picture frames and books are scattered all over the floor. 

Forbes can be heard saying: “Look at all of this. Somebody here is under the influence and tried to jump off the balcony. My ears are ringing. I think I burst my eardrum. I have a witness that witnessed that I did not fight back, and there is no fighting back from my side, and this is what it looks like. So when we go to court, I want people to see.”

A source who has knowledge of the video told News24 it was recorded after another physical altercation involving Forbes and Tembe in December 2020.slide 1 of 1

Screengrab showing Anele Tembe rocking on floor

Anele Tembe on the floor of the couple’s Bryanston apartment in December 2020, asking for her mother.Supplied

In a second video leaked by the source who is close to him, a man can be seen trying to restrain an emotional Tembe and calm her as she repeatedly screams: “You guys don’t know what he has been doing to me.”

Forbes’ supporters purportedly leaked the footage to show that Tembe was destructive and also assaulted him.

In November 2020, City Press reported that Tembe and AKA had been taken to the Randburg police station to open cases against each other, following an alleged domestic dispute. The publication reported that police had arrived at the rapper’s Bryanston apartment and found Tembe packing her bags.

In an interview with News24 on Saturday, Tembe’s father, Moses, said his daughter protected Forbes and that he was not aware of the specific incident involving him breaking down a door. 

He said:I am not aware of the specific incident, but some of the members of the family may be because Anele spoke a lot more with her sisters than her parents. To a great extent, she also protected Kiernan, so she never wanted us to know much about conflicts between them.

When asked if he knew about the alleged abuse and the footage Tembe sent to her friends, he said that “we heard a lot of stories, and some of them we addressed with the family, but for most, Anele kept it to herself”.

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Daily Trends

A young man who beats up his mother publicly gets rewarded with superior treatment




Young man beats up his mother

It is scripturally off-base and ethically unsuitable for anybody to beat their parent, notwithstanding, a man did. After a video of him manhandling his mom became famous online, he was reproved by a gathering of youngsters. Sunday is the name that has been given to this person. Here’s a photograph of the one who was condemned to jail for attacking his mom: 

This man slapped and kicked his mom in the video. At the point when the occupants endeavored to stop him, he beat her with a major stick. A couple screen captures from the video are appeared underneath: 

Following the video’s virality, he was tested by neighborhood young people. They inquired as to whether he was in the video, and he affirmed that he was. 

He started arguing for absolution, however take a gander at how the young people dealt with him. 

He was whipped hard-heartedly after being bound to a tree by the adolescents. In spite of the way that he was crying, he was as yet flagellated.

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Man stabbed to death for spending too much time on cellphone




Man stabbed to death for spending too much time on cellphone

A 35-year-old man has been stabbed to death after his friend accused him of spending too much time engaging in conversations on his cellphone instead of speaking to the people he was with.

KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson, Colonel Thembeka Mbele, said Sandile Buthelezi had been out with friends on Monday evening and was chatting on his phone.

“The pair were out with friends in Isikhalambazo when they got into an argument. The accused was annoyed with Buthelezi and accused him of spending a lot of time talking on his cellphone instead of conversing with them,” Mbele said.

She said Buthelezi continued to provoke the accused but friends intervened and the men stopped arguing and the accused walked away.

Mbele said a few minutes later, the man walked towards Buthelezi and stabbed him twice in the chest.

“Buthelezi attempted to fight back but was too frail to stop the suspect. He was rushed to hospital in critical condition where he succumbed to his injuries on arrival. A murder case was opened at Sundumbili police station for investigation. The suspect was traced and was arrested the same day for murder,” she said.

The 30-year-old suspect is set to appear in the Mtunzini Magistrate’s Court on a charge of murder.

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Elon Musk tests positive – and negative – for COVID-19

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