Premature Ejaculation In Men

Penetrates the vagina, before he penetrates fully, So husband makes but little effort to gain control, it can cause his wife sad.
By this, it means that the man spills his semen either penetrates fully or too soon after penetration.

When premature ejaculation happens frequently without control, it can cause his wife much suffering. He may treat her as a mere plaything to satisfy his needs. He may start ignoring her personhood, her need to reach the mountain-top just as he did, and to be one with him in this as in other things.
Very often the root cause of this trouble is not a lack of love, but the ignorance of many men about the sexual needs of their wives.
Side by side with that is the wife’s own reluctance to talk about it.
They are not accustomed to communicating with each other at that
The woman begins to feel rejected; she sees no sign of love. She may even worry about infidelity, although more often her doubts are quite unjustified. To overcome this very real suffering in his
wife, the husband mustn’t ignore the fact that he has reached the climax too soon. Instead, they should talk together about what has happened, as two people who love each other and want to understand and help one another.
But there are many Occasions when a man cannot avoid premature ejaculation. Women can sometimes forget this. They
need to realise that a man can also suffer when it happens. It may be the result of prolonged abstinence, some kind of indisposition, or his inexperience and youth. The love of an understanding wife can
do so much to help. and again, their sense of humour lightens the Situation for both of them.
How can a man prevent repeated premature ejaculation?

The solution lies in a true understanding of human sexuality as opposed
to that of lower forms of life. The problem can be considered this deeper understanding by discussion together. Ejaculation too soon often occur because of fear.
The problem can be alleviated, if not altogether removed, if husband and wife develop deeper understanding by having a conversation.
The husband maybe very tensed that he will not satisfy her. Some men never learn that sheer power alone without love can not fully satisfy a woman, fearing that he may not live up to the expectation of his wife, and fearing soon often rs because of fear. The husband may be very tense,
once without love and can never fully satisfy a woman.

The human being is one person; woman consists of soul and body as a unity. The
the biggest mistake that a man can make is to separate that soul and
body in his wife and come to her as if she were body alone.
By approaching her in this way he has not only reduces air, but he also reduces
himself as well because acting in this manner is a distortion of
whole-person fully reality.

True sexuality consists of one whole person fully communicating with another whole person.

If this were understood by both husband and wife together, the other the problem of repeated premature ejaculation, and many other difficulties would be alleviated.

The deliberate effort to control is nearly always rewarded by success after some time; the greatest incentive to make this effort is love.

From true love comes the many power to control and deeply enjoy the sexual act.

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