The Misconception Of Modern Feminists Against The Men.

Modern feminists think men build societies by oppressing women and forcing them into gender roles. When in fact, biology is responsible for women’s place in society. Try going to war while 8 months pregnant. You are not oppressed by men, you have limitations they don’t have.

It’s not a limitation unless you consider men’s inability to bear children a limitation. It is essentially a division of labour which is a privilege to bear future generations.

Yes. Men see risks as an opportunities to distinguish themselves. Women see risk as something to avoid.

Which is exactly why feminists see pay gaps and very few women CEOs. Women are less likely to risk what they already have to ask for pay raises or try for higher management positions. Men take the risk.

Men are also more likely to prioritize work and financial success while women are more likely to prioritize family.

The idea that women have had little or no role to play in history or the building of societies is not only wrong, it’s insulting. I’m convinced modern feminists are the real misogynists.

How about we celebrate the marvellous diversity between men and women. Extreme feminism has attacked male masculinity and now boys and young men are lost, not knowing their place. Imagine men and women coming together to make their communities safe and productive for our children

No, breastfeed from their nipples, exactly as women. Even if they need more stimulation it is possible for all men and it happened too, many times. Your vulgar teasing is quite impolite, by the way

The idea that women have had little or no role to play in history or the building of societies is not only wrong, it’s insulting. I’m convinced modern feminists are the real misogynists

They realized that a woman’s power included the ability to trigger the saviour mechanism in any man within earshot by feigning victim. Instant security detail. And they’ve been abusing it ever since.

Yes. We have a body made for being able to bear children. And a more emotional mindset to be fit for caring and nurturing. (Whether we choose motherhood or not) We gravitate more towards people than ‘things’. I don’t think modern feminism is friends with Mother Nature at all.

Besides, who said that, being the primary bread-earner and a disposable good in war and violence is the heights of privilege. Actually staying at home is a way more privileged position, in a primitive society

Very true, and men have limitations that women don’t. It’s strange to see immutable characteristics denigrated or ignored just to craft a narrative, only ends up hurting both sides

Women only have limitations where physical strength is required. And it’s ridiculous to think men built societies by oppressing women. But it doesn’t change the fact that women have still been oppressed. They have been oppressed by men throughout history

Everywhere in my city there are men labouring to rebuild our infrastructure & installing utilities deep into the ground in the most horrible weather conditions they’re out there day and night bless them.

Love, loyalty & respect between men & women always two-way traffic. None of them claim these as a right because of only being a man or woman. Those who do so are generally misogyny & feminists or victim of these.

True! Biology decided a lot with regards our way of life but sadly they’d say you’re speaking nonsense and that’s why men agree with you. Such a hateful narrative!

The religious beliefs are partially responsible too In some women are still classified as secondary even today

Feminist say the patriarchy is evil, it is because there is evil and hardship that this patriarchy protecting women is needed. There is still natural disasters, war and other dangers that strong men are needed.

Population growth rate only depends on number of fertile women, losing females in battle is the fastest way to extinction. Hence, the expandable sex theory, only one fertile man is enough to guarantee the future generations of the tribe.

Traditional gender roles also served to keep women protected, and compelled men with the duty to undertake the work that was most hazardous i.e. they sheltered women from some forms of oppression, and oppressed men into the riskier endeavours necessary to build modern nation.

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