Black Coffee Attacks A Twitter User

South African legendary DJ, Black Coffee took a snide from a Twitter user which he returned with a heavier clap back prompting many backlashes.

Black Coffee was not expecting to trend today, even though he was looking for whom the South African Twitter users are talking about even while hes still in Europe.

The brawl started when a Twitter user claimed that he was dating UK reality star Alexandra Cane. This after the star tagged him in a post, saying: “Ready for a caffeine overdose.”

On Friday morning, the DJ took to Twitter to ask them what was on the agenda for the day, sarcastically implying that peeps on the platform have nothing to do with their time.

“Let’s play Twitter, who’s trending today, who’s falling, who are we trolling, whose marriage are we having opinions on, who is trash who’s not, who are we cancelling, like God who are we judging, whose relationship is falling apart while ours is perfect, who’s not perfect. Let’s all laugh at him.”

Black Coffee responded to one tweep who responded to the DJ was taking Twitter way too seriously, and users should be allowed to have a laugh at other people’s expense whenever they feel like it.

Those who could read between the lines and past the sarcasm responded to Coffee’s tweets by saying how inhumane the cyberspace had become.

They added their own takes on what Black Coffee was actually saying.

“It’s probably one of the most abusive platforms. Insecurities everywhere. Why I’m not a great fan of Twitter. DJ Black Coffee, it’s the sad state of mind of the people,” one tweep commented.

“Black Twitter is the opposite of what we need to build a progressive society. Imagine the energy if we use this platform to share opportunities, retweet black owned businesses etc. Vuka darki there’s no price in pulling down your own #BlackLivesMatter,” said another.

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