Prince Kaybee throws Shades That Caught DJ Maphorisa On Kabaza De Small.

South African Disco Jockey, Prince Kaybee, whose real name is Kabelo Motsamai throws shades that caught attention DJ Maphorisa over repeated beat through an album.

The friction between the duo continues to mount as DJ Maphorisa caught a shade that could be for anyone.

Maphorisa had earlier announced that Kabaza De Small, the King of Amapiano would drop his album on the 26th of this month, and has been promoting the upcoming album online and the shade came from Prince Kaybee.

Prince Kaybee was advising that producers should stop churning out album every time, as the tracks all sound the same, because the mind needs to rest for new ideas.

Imagine an album that has the same beat throughout, literally every song sounds the same.

Prince Kaybee

Try making an album over a longer period of time to avoid sounding the same, the mind needs to rest for new ideas.

Prince Kaybee

This attracted attention from Maphorisa who replied;

I hope his not talking about Kabza i pray

DJ Maphorisa

In clarification, Prince Kaybee made a longer post in clarifying what he meant.

Before you attack me, I have experienced that as a creative the spirit of genius visits you sometimes, its not always there. So when you going through a creative block, STOP…, the music will sound forced if you carry on

Prince Kaybee

A Maphorisa fan responded and attacked him for being a hypocrite as his album is not any better.

They reminded him that all his Albums have the same progression Chord.
His music videos have Abo Girls Ne Mpundu, his Album was created by the same person, Wena he exploits people for beats. Ska Iketsa Ngcwele and that Album Owner Owns Their Masters, Mf.

This is not the first time their paths are crossing, back in February both DJs got into a heated fight, when Maphorisa called out Kaybee, Mafikizolo, and Lady Zamar for not owning their masters.

We hope this doesnt escalate or deter both from working together, as Prince Kaybee had earlier indicated interest in working with Kabaza De Small.

A lot of people have suggested that the sub was not for Kabaza, but the fact Maphorisa caught the sub, means that he agrees with Prince Kaybee on.

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