All hail Phume The “Khaleesi” that makes men twerk for PS5.

An Investment Banker, Phume whose full name is Phumelele Zwane has sparked online uproar from men, who are riled-up with their fellow men who participated in the twerking challenge on her live Instagram for Ps5, with a hashtag #Phumemustfall

It started with a post on Instagram from her, where she announced that there will be twerkforphume challenge, where the winner will be winning a play station (PS5).

I need 20 gents to participate, each person will get a minute to show what they got. Phume posted on Instagram

The gents, did not disappoint, as they jumped on the competition twerking seriously to win the game.

Man twerking on Phume’s Instagram

Phume made men twerk on Instagram Live

This didn’t go down well for some, who feel that she is ridiculing men for an ordinary toy, sparking off the trend #PhumeMustFall.

Meanwhile, many women, in response to the men, are eulogizing and supporting Phume for doing a great job.

Some of them are taking solace in the fact that they are in painful week of violence against women. Therefore it is nice seeing ladies laugh a little. If anything Phume Must Rise.

Phume must rise she showed us that men aren’t no different they tease ladies who do such for likes or money yet they will do the same for just a console 🎮”

It is really interesting to see that men are actually no better. We’re all money-hungry dogs.

I salute You, My Sister, You didn’t only make Nigg*s twerk but you got the other gender supporting each other, something that the hardly do, they are United because of You. You’re indeed the”Woman of the match”they’ll archive a lot if they continue to support each other.

Check out some of the reactions on the subject below.

Last night I thought we were all watching Messi playing ⚽️ kante lena le busy la twerk #PhumeMustFall

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