AKA Declares to run for President in 2024.

South African Hip Hop Rapper and song AKA has declared that be will be running for South Africa President come 2024.

“I will be running my campaign with the slogan … “PUT SOUTH AFRICA 1ST” … either that or, “Beares really cares about you” … I will be putting together a 1 trillion dollar stimulus package for new jobs BUT YOU MUST HAVE VALID SA ID.
Senator Mega started by asking year the next election will be held”

Aka President

The Rapper who has declared to be known as Senator Mega made this declaration on Twitter using the hashtag, #AKA4PRESIDENT where he is riding on a populist movement #PutSouthAfricansFirst.

A movement, that currently gathering massive support from most conservative South Africans who feel that their country is been taken away from them.

The movement has stepped up their agitation mired in various controversial narratives on foreigners in South Africa.

AKA demanded questions from the fans and many obliged

“Today I will be engaging with all your questions about what I would do should I assume the highest office in the land … under the #AKA4President hashtag. Let’s go.… also please address me as Senator Mega. Please and Thank You”.

On Education,

AKA went on several promises on things he would do if he becomes the president.

“As President, I will sign an executive order that forces the Private Sector to subsidize FREE TERTIARY EDUCATION FOR ALL “

“What changes or implementation can you make in our education system from primary schools to high schools?” he was asked by a user.

AKA responded,
“I will make it LAW, in private and public schools to teach about the legacy of APARTHEID as part of the History syllabus. I will also make an African language compulsory all the way to MATRIC”.

On Entertainment

He was asked to explain what his plans are for the Arts and Culture department seeing that it’s such a mess and bias right now.

He responded;
“The first thing I would do is enforce a 50% local content quota across ALL mediums. I cannot understand why this is still not the case.”

“Are you also planning to make Art and music more open from primary to secondary… I mean so many kids have got talent and skills but they can’t perfect their artistic side!”

He responded thus, “I will set up an artistic grant system from which the state will set aside funds in the national budget for people to pursue their interests. These funds will be strictly for government schools.”

On Business and Youth Empowerment.

Another user, who happens to be a person living with disabilities, asked what he would do to make Major cities such as Cape Town, to be accessible to Wheelchair, for they do not appreciate being lifted when going to clubs and restaurants.

AKA promised that he would overhaul the infrastructure on the cities for people like him if elected.

He was asked, “As we all know that this”Youth Funds” for assisting youth with businesses but the funds are nowhere to be found so how are you gonna ensure that as youth we receive those funds?”

He replied, “I will be making the funding process as simple as possible. #AKATV will be the official state-run media channel through which applications will be submitted.”

On Economy

Senator Mega was put to an economy test when he was asked something deeper,
He was asked to explain the monetary policy he would opt for, which involves,

—Reserve bank printing own currency to capitalize industrialization and infrastructure development to grow economy and create jobs?
—We go borrow money from IMF and world bank to fund the country’s needs?”

Mega, responded thus,

“I am not an expert in economics … however, I strongly support the AFRICAN CONTINENTAL FREE TRADE AGREEMENT as a means to redevelop our economies and make us less dependent on the IMF which is part of the reason we are in the shit in the first place”

On sports

He was asked on how to Bafana Bafana team.
“How do u plan on transforming the goal-scoring/winning attitude of Bafana Bafana, seeing its 10years since 2010 World Cup’

AKA answered
“I will be handing over the entire Bafana Bafana youth development project to the people who are currently running the Springboks. We need better structures at the school level. We need also need more Afrikaners playing diski”

—I will deliver the 2032 Summer Olympics to the city of Cape Town in my 2nd term.

Foreign Affairs.

Senator Mega, how will you deal with the high influx of foreign nationals in the country who end up being used as cheap labour by companies who are not hiring locals?

Aka Responded,
“I will be building a wall … a wall of incentives for companies to #PutSouthAfrica 1st.”

Other promises include;

—As President, I have a duty to protect South Africa and it’s citizens … therefore I will pass an executive order that classifies The Tsibipian Group as a terrorist organization.

This is not the first time, a known celebrity has come out to declare interest in the presidential position.
Kanye West had earlier declared interest in running for the POTUS office in the future.

AKA had sometimes declared that he would not be getting involved in any political position.

Senator Mega knows how to get attention to himself, many thought he’s joking while some believe and trust he would be a good president.

However it turns out, we will definitely see to it.

Would you vote for AKA, Senator Mega for the president of South Africa?
Share your thoughts down the comment section.

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