WATCH: Kelly Khumalo’s Russian accent confuses tweeps

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Kelly Khumalo decided to talk about Senzo Meyiwa’s death in an IG TV video, but it’s her Russian accent that had Mzansi confused.

Taking to her Instagram page over the weekend, Khumalo spoke about Meyiwa and how the South African police force is failing the women of the country. 

In the video, she is drinking her Controversy Gin and appears to be very emotional while doing the video. 

She said that it’s hard being a woman in SA and that she has been victimised by the system. 

Speaking about Meyiwa’s case, Khumalo said that the SAPS didn’t do their job right and that his murder case should be laid to rest. 
Watch the video below:

However, it was Khumalo putting on a Russian accent during the video that had everyone confused.  Chair Of Chairs@Bogozola

When did Kelly Khumalo develop a Russian accent?

Is Kelly Khumalo auditioning for a Diva’s role in a Russian movie?

I don’t know why people hating on Kelly Khumalo’s video. She killed the Russian accent and spoke some intelligent shit. Yall just made she got alcohol and yall ran out

So wait, Controversy Gin comes with a Russian Accent? Kelly Khumalo

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