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I snitched, ratted, the king of New York, the biggest musician on the planet! 6ix9ine brags.




New York-based artist Daniel Hernandez, known professionally as 6ix9ine or Tekashi69, is an American rapper. His music has been marked by an aggressive style of rapping, 6ix9 brags about his snitching skills, numbers, money, cars, jewelry and calls out some hood n**as on his Instagram.

The New York artist, who has been out of jail took to his Instagram to blast folks who he claimed made his life so miserable that he had no option than to ratted.

The 24 year old started bragging about his jeweries and diamonds.

“Let me take on a jewelry I don’t give out old jewelry back to get new jewelry. This is half a million look at the diamonds. And nobody got this watch. Well I think like two people got but you don’t get the watch we can’t beef. You’re not Me and you are not on the same bracket.
If you don’t get this watch”

”right here this watch right here. This watch over half a million. Wow, we can’t beef.”

He went on and bragged how he broke the youtube with numbers why other artists are struggling, ”I broke the YouTube I racked 5m views in one hour. I can even get 100,000 views. Listen. Listen. We can’t beef ,there is no beef, I’m the king,”

”Y’all know this. Listen, You know the legendary shit i be talking about?”

”You know, why people so mad? cuz they thought it was over for me they counted me out. Oh Yo yo yo you rap trarrararra is over for you.

Y’all can never could never. Yall can Never cooperate with the government and come back. I could never do that I’m a living legend. At the age of 24 years old.”

He then goes pointing at the views on his Instagram live ”You hear me?
Look at, the look at the 1.6 million”

69 also recognised some other artists he respects in the industry ”shout out to Tory shout out to Drake, Yall nigga can never. Stop playing with me, look at this, 1.6. million.”

according to him ”We can’t beef, we are not the same way.
You are not the king in New York, look at the numbers.”

”’Really right now you’re, how yall let the rat right, how yall let that rat came home to still get more number than us, break all records, why y’all can’t stand it or something.?”

”Y’all cant stand it, Listen,”

”you live your whole life right you live your whole life trying to be a real nigga, and this is me, this is real deal shit fuck 6ix9 right.”

”You live your whole life trying to be a real nigga trying to be a stand up for loyal guy.”

”Try to shit on a kid like me to be like, yo, f*ck that he’s a rat he’s a rat, he’s a rat, to be like yo he ratted.”

”A rat like me to come home and still do more number than you, I’ll be mad too.”

”If a rat came home and did more numbers than me. You have every reason be man, every reason, because no matter how much dirt chat thrown on my name, no matter and i see everything everybody wanna be quiet now for two years y’all made fun of me. You have to me memes on me. You’re gonna thrown my name in dirt you wack bitch fucking trarararara.”

”Y’all nigga no went through what I went through. And I still came home and I’m a legend at the age of 24 years old, because I came home and a rat is doing more numbers than you, I wouldn’t be mad too. I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.”

”A real nigga wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I will go home and sleep like, Why is this kid doing better than me? I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I don’t blame you nigga.”

”I will be mad too if a nigga ratted and I spent my whole life trying to be a real nigga. I’ll be mad too. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, like, I’m genuinely sorry.”

”Another thing I wanna address, for the king New York sh*t. lets cut that out, little boy sit down.”

”If you don’t get this watch, I’m not beefing anybody from New York if you don’t have this watch.”

‘If you don’t have this watch right here your little boy to me, I’ll kiss you on your forehead your little boy. Sit down. King is home, is over. It’s over.”

”What’s up yeah rappers.
All 4 cars cause Lambo, Lamborghin Aventedor Race, McLaren G Wago, you name them all mine.”

‘Y’all can’t fuck with me, yall cant compete me. imma let yall niggas know that.”

”Now let me break it down I’m sorry, I want to say that I’m sorry to my fans because you there is street code”.

”There is street code, there is something so-called loyal and no snitching no lie I get.”

”Right, where was your loyalty when you were sleeping with my baby mother, where was the loyalty when you was caught were trying to”

Right, where was your loyalty when you were sleeping with my baby mother, where was the loyalty when you was caught on while tryna kill me, Where was your loyalty when you trynna kidnap mother?

”So who broke it first? I get it, don’t fight fire with fire! I’m sorry. What did I do wrong? be loyal to me because you’re fucking my baby moma.”

”You beat shit out on me on video and everything? I’m supposed to be loyal to that?”

”No you know what it is? I don’t wanna accept the fact that those are all true facts.”

”Y’all understand why I snitch. Yall don’t wanna understand. Yall. don’t wanna understand that this kid was out there and he moved his family out of poverty, he plays for the school.”

”For all of the members, wherever he snitched on them, why? were they loyal to me?”

”When I met when I met son, he was sleeping on rug.”

”I gave him money, listen I’m a Mexican Rainbow hit kid i rap trararra, im not about gang shit, but I know how to get us out, you wasn’t loyal to me.”

”But you Understand y’all understanding. And I know yall understand what I’m saying. All right, let me say before that, right before I got locked up, fuck that rainbow hair nigga, fuck tekashi, fuck that rainbow head kid. yall didn’t even have any reason to dislike me”

”Just because I scream and trap and I got Rainbow hair that was your reason right? or he’s mad loud trarara that was your reason, but then just because I screen the rats, and I got rainbow here. That as your reason right or he’s mad loud. That was your reason. But then, now you’ve got a reason of course the goat twist. oh he snitched, he’s a rat, he’s a rat, he’s a rat that’s what yall go to, which I understand, I can’t blame ya. I can blame ya. I’m sorry to my fans, because they don’t deserve this and my family my mother my family don’t deserve that, and I’m sorry, but yall not gonna break me down if I didn’t do something wrong. Listen I snitched, I ratted, but who am I supposed to be loyal to? and you can’t be loyal to me. I’m here in the free world and you are fucking my baby mom, while I’m out there at the tour making money for all of us, and you’re sleeping with my baby mom?”

”I’m sorry. I’m sorry. then I get kidnapped and tryna kill me in this free why do you think you ain’t gonna violate me in the prison?”

”I’m sorry. I’m sorry. then I get kidnapped and tryna kill me, then if yall ain’t gonna be loyal to me out here in the free world what made you think you ain’t gonna violate me in the prison? Stab me up and put me up? I ain’t gonna lose my life over no hate.”

”No, yall don’t understand it y’all don’t wanna understand y’all don’t wanna understand it. But anyway, look. let me put it like this, I love you guys. Thank you for helping me come back as soon as possible I want to shout out my Lawyer Lance Lazzaro”

”I want to shout out Michael Longia Jacob Warren. I want to say thank you to, you know, the judge for allowing me to come into my family let me celebrate a birthday out here to my family, you know, and I appreciate that, as much as you guys want to pay me out to be. I appreciate every little thing, and I didn’t do anything wrong. Yes, I didn’t need all that beef.”

”Everybody saying we are 2million viewers right.”

”I didn’t need that I’m the biggest artist in the fucking world, numbers don’t lie, men lie, women lie.”

”Look just look at the number, numbers don’t lie.”

”But listen, I want to get back on live I want everybody on this live I’ma get crash, I’m gonna get back to live.”

”We already cracked 2 million I’m gonna get back to live. Go watch Gooba right now watch Gooba Everybody go on YouTube and watch Gooba.”

6ix9nine. I love you guys.


Riky Rick reveals the price of his favourite fur coats.




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The rapper Star Riky Rick Finally opens up about the price he got fur coats, which is 250,000; but he promises not to spend such amount of money on fur coats again.

He shared a snippet of the show on Instagram, and he was seen disclosing the price of the fur coat.

The rap star says whenever people see the coat, the most asked question is how much he got it?

However, it’s not Riky’s personality to reveal the prices of his outfit or belonging, though he is a fashionista who loves to drip.

Riky Rick got jaws dropping after revealing the price he got one of his favourite fur coats.

The rapper starts a new show titled Flavours and the first episode is to be premiered on YouTube.

He shared a snippet of the show on Instagram, and he was seen disclosing the price of the fur coat.

The rap star says whenever people see the coat, the most asked question is how much he got it?

Finally he opens up about the price, which is 250,000; but he promises not to spend such amount of money on fur coats again.

However, it’s not Riky’s personality to reveal the prices of his outfit or belonging, though he is a fashionista who loves to drip.

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AKA on assaulting late Anele: I am not a preparator of GBV





AKA finally speaks out through his legal team on accusation of assaulting his late fiancée, Anele Nelli Tembe.

The rapper plainly said the photos and videos that went viral on social media didn’t detail the full event.

Supa Mega distanced himself from Gender Based Violence and in an official statement shared by TshishaLive, he promises to answer every query.

Rudolph Baloyi, senior associate at Mabuza Attorneys said:

“Mr Forbes takes the current events playing out since this past Sunday seriously. It is regrettable that he and his brand are now associated with GBV. However, he assures his fans and the public that he is not a perpetrator of GBV. In due time he will respond fully to all questions and queries. Currently, the situation is heavy on him and his family as a whole.”

“It is also difficult to deal with public outcry and condemnation on social media. The screenshots from an unreleased video seen over the past weekend online are not a true reflection of the alleged situations that arose on the day.”

AKA still loves his late fiancée according to a statement published last Saturday; he said he’s not a suspect, rather a witness.

Meanwhile, a GBV organization have called out people and streaming platforms to mute the rapper’s song in other to get justice for Anele Tembe.

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Widow of South African rugby star Lindani Myeni wants SA citizenship





Myeni is seeking South African citizenship in the hopes that her children, Nsizwa and Lindeni, can grow up in their father’s home country and learn more about their roots.

Last week, Lindsay said a final goodbye to her late husband, Lindani who was shot dead by Hawaii police last month during an altercation.

Myeni died in hospital after being shot four times by Honolulu police during an altercation that led to his fatal shooting.

Police were responding to an alleged burglary when Myeni who was born and raised in eSikhaleni was shot four times.

Lindsay has expressed gratitude to the South African government for its support, and for providing justice for her husband.

She is now asking them for assistance in giving herself and Lindeni citizenship, as Nsizwa already has citizenship having been born in the country.

“Myself and Lindeni are here on a holiday visa on an American passport, hoping for the South African government to assist us with citizenship,” said Lindsay.

“Since we came back after this horrific incident, we have been staying with Lindani’s family in eSikhaleni. It has been great having their support during this emotional time in our lives. I would like to remain in South Africa to ensure my children live in their home country, learning their roots and speaking Zulu fluently.”

She said the South African government is continuing to look into Lindani’s case.

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Elon Musk tests positive – and negative – for COVID-19

Elon Musk tests positive – and negative – for COVID-19

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