South Africa first, after lockdown by Tito Mboweni

South Africa Finance minister Tito Mboweni has proposed a conservative economical template after a lockdown in South Africa.

In an effort to alleviate the unemployment crisis in an economy that is haemorrhaging from the recession and lockdown Tito Mboweni has proposed several ways to cushion the effect, which could be termed “South African first”.

Some have called it “Trump Policy” which emphasizes on “American First”.

A more conservative approach to the fiscal policy.

He started by openly saying that businesses in the Restaurant Industry must employ more South African staff members.

Mboweni has argued that “life after lockdown” must put the workforce of this country first in the hands of South Africans.

This populist view was expressed while he was discussing the potential for a New Economy in South Africa.

He touched on several areas whereby jobs could be resuscitated including the possible resurrection of South African Airways (SAA)

“South Africa first”, Tito Mboweni tells the restaurant industry

The minister emphasized that the Restaurant Industry must be South African First.

Tito claimed that “almost all restaurant staff” in South Africa are from other countries.

Mboweni promised to change this situation after the lockdown.
But would ensure the policy doesn’t alter the already established foreigners who already with jobs in the service sector.

Tito also hammered on unregistered Spaza shops who are operating illegally in the country.

“The proportion of South Africans working in a restaurant must be greater than that of non-South Africans… The new economy after lockdown must prioritise South Africans, but this must not discriminate against non-South Africans either.”

“We will assist those who show a willingness to hire staff from SA.

Every spaza shop must be licenced to operate, must have a bank account and registered for tax and open itself up for health inspections from the Department of Health.”

Tito Mboweni stated.

When asked about Lockdown relief: Where is the money going?
Tito Mboweni explained how the distribution would be in order to resuscitate the economy.

Health Budget would take R20 billion.

SASSA grants would gulp another R50billion.

While Medical necessities take R1 billion from the Solidarity Fund.

In his explanation, the minister detailed how the country would afford the Rescue Package.
In revealing the source of these funds which would be used to rebuild the new economy, the minister said;

“We are in constant conversation with the World Bank and we are entitled to a loan of up to $55-60 million (around R1 billion). We are also entitled to applying for funds from the New Development Bank. IMF has indicated that SA is eligible for $4.2bn (R77 billion).”

“SARB has already unveiled a monetary and policy package of their own. This takes our total economy-wide measures over R800 billion. Let me say that again – our combined fiscal and monetary policy package is over R800 billion.“

He concluded.
This has sparked a lot of reactions from the people on social media. Triggering a new hope for South Africans who have been indoors due to lockdown. And to those who might have lost their jobs and those who are without jobs might see a reason to smile again, if these things are implemented.

Here are the reactions of the people.

“Minister of finance @tito_mboweni answered my question, I hope you keep your word. We are really not xenophobic or hateful, we are just tied excluded by Employers”

Lerato “For years we have been pushing this Nationalism agenda using different approaches, People swearing at us. Some of my Compatriot and Foreigners have laughed at our efforts in the past, saying our plea for South Africans to be prioritized by Employers is crazy @tito_mboweni 🙏”

“Well done Lerato & all patriotic forces of SA

We shall win this fight against thuggery that has morphed into Africanism. No economy can be sustained by foreign nationals

We can’t normalize our sovereignty being taken away by those who crippled & handicapped their own countries”

“Important Message from Tito Mboweni.

The new economy must prioritize South Africans.

Restaurants, Construction Companies must employ South Africans otherwise they won’t get Government Assistance (Stimulus package)”

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