Johustleburg: Did Emtee Steal the Name?

Johustleburg who is really the owner Emtee or the claimants?

Rapper Emtee, whose real name Mthembeni Ndlovu has vowed that he’s not going to stop the use of the name Johustleburg after he was accused of stealing it!

Emtee has sworn to over his dead body he will ever going to stop on using the name Johustleburg after despite claims of ownership from different quarters.

The 27-year-old Mataliele born hip hop star whose real name is Mthembeni Ndevu and best known for his debut hit single, “Roll Up” took to his social media to insist that he is not going to drop his initial plan on releasing his song and album with the name.

He tweeted “I ain’t changing shit!!! Over my dead body.”
After he was reminded that this was exact treatment Ambitiouz record label meted at him while he was with them.

Emtee reiterated that nothing will ever make him change the record name.

“I’m not changing the title of my record. That’s the point!!! STOP ALL THESE TRICKS! IM STILL DROPPING THE SONG AND THE ALBUM. I’m nobody!! I just happen to be a musician. Cut it out!!!”

presented experimental project they titled JOHUSTLEBURG which features up and coming artists like Master C, Blaze Beast and Nemesis.

This case was also brought to Emtee’s attention, he shoved it aside and called them losers.

Emetee insisted that he created the word.

But it appears that the word has been around since 2012.

A Twitter handle with the same name mentioned the word.

Emtee also said that someone is threatening to sue him for the use of Johustleburg but he wasn’t prepared to change the title of his record.

Another case which was established by Elton Tinashe Nyariri presented evidence suggesting that the name was trademarked in 2012 as JohustleBurg Apparel.
These things are evidently presented on their website.
According to them the brand was honed and shaped by the City’s vibe, depicting Young and Carefree.

They also presented application for South African Trademark application no 2016/18051 JOHUSTLEBURG in Class 35 in the name of JOHUSTLEBURG APPAREL (PTY) LTD.

Meanwhile, Emtee dared and damned their threats.
In a tweet, he insisted that he’s won’t be changing JOHUSTLEBURG and challenged Whoever that got a problem to come and see him.

Meanwhile, Tinashe Nyariri has forwarded the matter to his legal team for a way forward.
In a press statement released by Nyariri.

“Our company is registered as Johustleburg Apparel and we’ve trademarked the name. He (Emtee) has no right to use the name whatsoever in his songs without talking to us because this will confuse our customers in terms of who is the owner of the brand.

“It will seem like we are selling clothes that belong to Emtee whereby we established our brand a very long time ago (2012). I’ve made Emtee aware 3 days ago (through his management – Dumisani). They are very much aware of what they are doing but they are still going ahead,” said Tinashe Nyariri.

“When we saw the song as a company we actually wanted to endorse him with clothing for his music video so that we could also market our brand. It’s a win-win for both parties but it seems like they actually don’t care. I’ve given him (manager) a proposal yesterday morning (Wednesday) and he has not said anything so far,”  Tinashe Nyariri concluded.

Another claim on the name In 2016,is from Tokollo Magesh Tshabalala who released a song titled Johustleburg.

And finally, the latest claim on the name is Brandan Potgieter.
According to him, he sent some of his merchandise to Emtee hoping he would be supported by the Artist only for the artist to print come up with the brand name.

He wrote this on his Facebook page

“In January I sent some of my stuff to emtee hoping you he supports a local brand. Fast forward the brand grew kancane & next thing his cover art looks exactly like my logo it’s just that tweeted it by removing JHB & added emtee. He already got bread in his mouth, I’m trying to eat.”

Despite all these things Emtee is moving ahead with his plan.
This is not the first time the young rapper is being accused of taking from the up and coming artists.

Emtee was accused of using  AstroNaut _SA (up and coming artist’s) beat from his first song “Mr Loui” released in 2017.

AstroNaut asked Emtee for a feature on (09 February 2018) but he refused to work with him.

Emtee then went on to use his beat on “Blue red light”.

We will keep you posted as the story unfolds.
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