Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest Battle Out On South Africa Hip Hop

Nasty C and Cassper Nyovest battle as South Africa Hip Hop came alive last night when The coolest kid in Africa battled with Cassper Nyovest on Twitter after his battle with Emtee on Instagram
The battle triggered a lot of reactions and dominated the trends on social media.
This triggered a reaction from many fans, pitching one hip hop artist to another.
While some were aggressively defending their favourites on the timeline.

One of the users, @YourboyKingGee tweeted.

“Cassper Nyovest is the only rapper in South Africa that became Famous, went Gold and Platinum without being signed under a record label. Cassper Nyovest is Greatest of All The Time”

This tweet was immediately got endorsed by Cassper with a follow-up tweet;

“I performed for 4 hours at Fill Up Fnb stadium. That’s a solid catalog. Nobody would dare try it. Nobody should dare try it”.

Then Gemini Major responded,

“Should I find a challenger will you accept?!”

Cassper replied;

“Nah, I’m good. I do have a dope idea for a battle doe. We’ll speak on the phone if you are willing to listen. I am battling no one on IG doe. I’ll stay watching as a fan.”

Another user wished Cassper could take up the challenge.

“I really wish Cassper can do those IG battles so you guys can realise The Nigga he is…hit after hit”

Cassper disagreed with him and reminded him that people who never liked him, will never appreciate his work.

“Nothing went make ni**as who don’t like me respect my work catalogue & achievements. I’m a legend bro. A solid one My! My name is in the books forever, don’t matter how they feel about me. No Ig Battle is needed. They know deep down in their hearts what it is. Nobody comes close!”

In response to Cassper’s initial position on filling up FNB stadium, Nasty C reminded him that he’s not unstoppable.

“Lol ay, bro you been on your shit we can’t lie or deny but we talking catalogue here. ni**as got hits bro you’re not untouchable

This sent a meltdown on social media space, driving so many speculations on how it would likely end.

Cassper amusingly responded

“Lol…. Sho Nasty C”

Zulu man with some powers insisted that he does it for the love of the game.

“Lol bro you gotta do it. For love of the game bro”

Ngcobo continued,
“It’s not even about the winner, we celebrating the players and the music they brought us. The music YOU brought us. You can’t do it my ni**as”

Cassper took the fall and requested that they speak on phone instead amidst mockery and back and forth from the fans.

“Lol, Ngcobo come on man… Tswada! Let’s speak onda phone doe, see what this is about…”

Nasty C agreed,

“Lol let’s get it, Gem calling you now”

After some minutes, Cassper announced that he just got out from phone call with Gemini and Nasty C.

“Hahaha… Just spoke to Gem and Nasty onda phone. These kids are crazy!!! They so hype right now!!!! Hahahaha. My Lil brothers are cooking this thing!!!!” He tweeted.

Gemini also confirmed that announcement and assured everyone that the conversation was q positive and for the best interest of South Africa Hip Hop.

Okay me and @Nasty_CSA just got off the phone with @casspernyovest ,It was a positive one ,all I have to say is #TheRevolutionOfSaHipHop 🔥🔥🔥🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

Some fans are not having any of the excuses and insisted that he takes the challenge from Nasty C.

@PrinceMabesi tweeted

“You jumped the Nasty smoke he said you not untouchable….”

Cassper reminded him that he’s spoken to Nasty and he confirmed that he doesn’t want to battle him, but Gemini and Nasty C are working on getting someone else.

“I just spoke to Nasty onda phone and asked if he wanted to battle me and he said NAH. Him and Gemini are tryna get me to battle someone else and explained the importance of it. I said cool, we’ll see what they come up with and we can take it from there. I needed clarity myself.”

@Sipsum wanted to know who the person he’d be battling with.

Cassper replied

“They never mentioned specific names. They just said they would love to see me go at it with someone and I said I’m not entirely against it and we would talk and see if we can make sense of it. That’s all. Nothing confirmed.”

Another user asked

“Would you go against AKA bro?”

Casper responded

“Nope, that one MUST be handled another way. Only one way to end that one! Respect must be enstilled and taught!!!”

This response did not go down well with a lot of people especially the AKA fans.
We wait to hear from him when he’d respond.

Nasty C has been quite on steroid on social media lately as the coolest kid in Africa is not taking any prisoner as he is ready to come for you whichever way you want it.

That’s some


Cassper ended the night with some words of motivation and inspiration to his followers,

He encouraged his fans to be the biggest supporter of themselves.

“If there’s one thing you can learn from me as a person, it’s to go hard for yourself!!! I am my biggest fan!!! Kea Founela!!! Till airtime e fela!!!!

He finally affirmed that it was a beautiful day for South Africa Hip Hop regardless of what people may say provided they’re at the top.

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