Ceega Wa Meropa demands Direct Apology from Shimza.

Shimza will forever regret his action against Ceega Was Meropa on Social Media when the later requested he’s included in his Lockdown House Party event, which the former snapped at him in a rude manner.

However, Shimza has finally dropped from his high horse and apologized for being rude to Ceega.
But Ceega is not taking any of that as he demands a direct apology, stating that Shimza apologized to Ndlozi and not himself.

Shimza wrote thus,

“To Ceega Wa Meropa – keep pushing bro. We remain, soldiers of the same struggle,” wrote Shimza.

“I apologize for snapping at you (Ceega Wa Meropa), especially because I am a hustler myself, I should have been more understanding. It was in no way a personal attack or anything of the sort,” wrote Shimza.

“I take nothing for granted. Everything I do is to deliver the best I can for everybody that loves music. To Ceega Wa Meropa – keep pushing bro. We remain, soldiers of the same struggle,” wrote Shimza.

Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF) Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi who had earlier intervened, pleaded with South Africans to accept Shimza’s apology.

“We all must welcome @Shimza01 ’s apology. Continue to support his work and the obviously great initiative towards #LockdownSAExtended. In everything he has ever done, he always supports young and upcoming artists; I am sure he will continue to do so,” wrote Dr Ndlozi.

“Once again, guys, I apologize to everyone I have offended. I must always remember to hold myself to a higher standard. Marumo false” wrote Shimza.

Ceega Was Meropa responded that he is more than willing to accept the apology only if he directly tags him, and not on the comment section.

“Shimza must apologize directly to me and not via comment sections. He can issue an apology via his social media and tag me directly.

“I don’t have any issues with Shimza at all. He replied to Mbuyiseni Ndlozi’s tweets, so I take it that apology was not directly issued to me. I’ll be happy to accept his apology and we move on,” said Ceega was Meropa.

Ceega Wa Meropa said that he does not want to appear like a “difficult” person.

Shimza has earlier acknowledged his wrongdoing, after several shredding from the south Africans who reminded him of his earlier beginning.
Black coffee had also intervened and was able to secure a slot for Ceega Wa Meropa.
But that is not stopping the Lockdown House party from moving on,

We hope to see them work together on a project since he has accepted to forgive him if Shimza would be bold enough to tag him directly.

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