Shimza and Ceega wa meropa clash as ‘”Shimza Must Fall” trends!

Social media was set ablaze Shimza must fall trends as Ceega wa meropa fans drag Shimza online for being rude to him.

Shimza came up with an idea for a show he titled Lock Down House Party while everyone was in lockdown due to Coronavirus.

A lot of artists have requested to be featured in the show.
Just like a dream, Ceega had a dream and wanted to be in the Lock down House Party.

Ceega responded to an old Twitter trend

“O jewa ke eng ?”

“Am asking @Shimza01 to invite me on one of his lockdown shows since the president extended.. Also asking everyone who sees this tweet to RT”

Shimza angrily responded with “You need to stop harassing me, it’s annoying.”

“Thanks i will “… Ceega Responded…

This promted massive reactions from other users who expressed shock with his response.
Nangamso tweeted

“Harassing how? He just asked you so nicely ehh hayike Shimza”

Shimza replied “He’s been on my timeline every single day with everyone! It’s annoying”

Ceega debunked the allegation “No bra dont lie. Its first time am tagging u. Say my people has been on ur timeline and obviously the mention me too and i see tgeir tweets. You should have just said u dont have space for me”

Shimza replied him;

“So I woke up and decided that I’m out of nowhere going to feel harassed? He knows the truth”

Ceega replied “I respect & look up to you but plz dont say am harassing u. Say my fans they harassing u.”

Ceega Shimza- jovaza
Ceega Shimza- jovaza

“You are on my timeline everyday! I feel harassed”… Shimza replied .

“You asked them to tag me”.

He was reminded how he cried to to fans when he was being mistreated.

“when Coffee was not treating you right, you cried to fans, when your G63 was stolen, you cried 2 fans, manje ceega needs assistance from fans, he’s harassing you, hayi chief, humble yourself”

He knows that he’s been tagging me and asking hundreds of people to tag me. Have a limit of hustle, harassing people will only get in the way of your growth.

Another user reminded him his previous cases
“You lost your car people did RT December it was your show you opened up a restaurant people did RT so you didn’t get annoyed please you are Rude Shame or you didn’t get any help to be where you are please you are Rude”

Another user @Shadow_034 advised Ceega on how to go about it.

“Fix it brother we all want to see you grow, u inspire alot of deephouse djs and made easy for us to listen to deep house with your dope selections. Slide into the niggas DM and find a mutual ground. Let it be upto him but just know you’ve done ryt”

It was already late as Shimza has given Ceega a great gift of block.

“And i got this as a present. I wish i didnt ask him

Many users waded into the case..

Daniel marven wrote…

Shimza is 5to on writing apologize to ceega and the South Africans ” ‘

” Don’t Mock People that seek your help. The Sun That Melts Butter is the same Sun that harden Clay ”

Remember this words!

At this point, @Mafikamayisa called for everyone to boycott Shimza’s set on Channel O TV and The Lock Down House Party until he makes public apology.

After several dragging, he put up a tweet.

“There is hustling someone, and there is harassing someone. It might seem like a fine line, but it makes a big difference. One’s approach is everything”.

Another user @Jacob09000943 replied that he’s afraid that all Msanzi would fall in love with Ceega with his soulful touching music, and Shimza knows that’s why Ceega is a threat.

Shimza responded.

“I don’t even know him”

Meanwhile, Ceega had taken to his Facebook to appeal to his fans to stop harassing Shimza.

“Guys please stop mentioning Shimza to put me on his lockdown shows coz he says me & my fans we harassing him.. It is sad coz today it was my first time approaching him & now he says i have been on his time line everyday “maybe he meant to say my name has been on his timeline”

Thank you very much to everyone who was trying to get me on the show but clearly there is no space for me.. And am glad my name shaked his time line”

Which most of them ignored and continued with the backlashes.

DJ ElectroDSA appealed to Black Coffee to assist Ceega in any of his upcoming gigs.
He guaranteed that Ceega has the creativity to impress having played alongside him in KZN

Black Coffee responded immediately, by requesting to know when AINAJ streaming line up would be coming up?

Ceega was full of appreciation “Thanks a lot Black Coffee .. I look up to u grootman”

Ceega later returned with the good news and testimonies.

Twitter Users were not relenting on their call to demand a full apology as they felt DJ Shimza apologized to a politician, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi not Dj Ceega.

The apology came when Ndlozi tweeted;

These are difficult times for all us and DJ Shimza is no exception. His reaction, however regrettable, must be seen as human. I hope he acknowledges that he has erred, retract, & we can all move on to support his great initiative meant to support all artists from all walks of life!

Shimza replied with a long note thus;

“I work with various artists on all of my projects. Artists I look up to that guide me and artists that look up to me. The platform is for artists, but because of the lockdown limitations it had to be prerecorded. there was no way of making any changes once the show was packaged.

A big part of my work involves sifting through hours and hours of social media engagement to get feedback, ideas, explore new talent and find new opportunities. I have to go through all of this input it’s important to me and after weeks of the same message I became frustrated.

I’ve spoken to ama grootman and they have explained that more is expected of me and in hindsight my response regrettable; I should not have been frustrated because people are just looking for opportunities like I am.

We are trying to do all we can now to get more recordings given the lockdown and hopefully open up more opportunities for fresh talent. I will only be able to communicate once I know what we are able to put together.

I take nothing for granted. Everything I do is to deliver the best I can for everybody that loves music. To @ceegawameropa1 – keep pushing bro. We remain soldiers of the same struggle.

I apologize for snapping at you, especially because I am a hustler myself, I should have been more understanding. It was in no way a personal attack or anything of the sort.

U apologize with justification, this thing u saying here should have been said to ceega not Ndlozi. Ceega wouldnt know about prerecording and how swamp u r if u didnt mention that to him. You are rude and full of urslf period”
Fans were not having any of that as they still do not feel comfortable or satisfied with the apology.

They have started several hashtags to demonstrate their displeasure!

Once again guys, I apologize to everyone I have offended. I must always remember to hold myself to a higher standard. Marumo fatse.

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