DJ Speedsta accuses Nasty C of Stealing his song.

It all started when Nasty C, The Zulu man with some Power tweeted where the DJ Speedsta was saying on record that the song Bang Bang belongs to him.

“I don’t know if you guys remember the song by Nasty C Bang Bang, that’s actually my song..”

Nasty C reacted with the tweet below,

“LMAO why you just lie like that”

Speedsta, I thought you were cool smh.

Ses’thathana kancane ngo-line wakho ke mata

The DJ responded, swiftly

“I’m not gonna do this with you.”

Read your last tweet, he added.

“If only I had my old Twitter cuz that’s where you & I did most of communication via DM”

“Fact of the matter, you gave me the song & asked for it back months later”

” Why would you ask for it back if you didn’t give it to me?”

Nasty C replied;

“That’s not the point, point is you acting like you gracefully gave me the song ‘coz I needed it’, when it wasn’t yours to begin with”

Dj Speedsta replied;

“Nah you chose to take it that way.
You also decided to tweet it without context.

We made “Side Chick” which I didn’t release, we then worked on “I Want it All” which u didn’t wanna shoot for because you weren’t comfortable with how it came out & in tern you passed me “Bam Bam”

The fans are taking it upon themselves to react on both side, meanwhile, Nasty C is still busy promoting his Nasty C live Performance in 2019.

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