Letter To Bernie Sanders, By Robert Reich.

Letter to Bernie Sanders

Following the announcement of his exit from the 2020 Presidential race, Bernie Sanders’ staunch follower, Robert Reich pens down a heartfelt letter to the Vermont Senator.

Dear Bernie,

I’m sorry you will not be president, but the country is far better off because of your unrelenting courage and commitment to the progressive change we so desperately need in a country riddled with inequality and division.

Four years ago, in the 2016 Democratic primaries, you made it respectable to talk about Medicare for All, tuition-free college and taxing the rich. You alerted America to the vast and growing gap in income, wealth and political power—and its dangers for our economy and democracy.

This time, you’ve not only made it respectable to talk about these and other urgent issues, such as a Green New Deal, but you’ve persuaded a majority of Americans that these problems can and must be addressed.

You’ve given voice to the poor, working class, the undocumented, indigenous people — all those who have been abandoned throughout our history.

You have inspired and galvanized a new generation of young Americans.

You have made it possible for America to live up to its ideals.

Bernie Sanders, your courage and determination have made me and countless others proud.

May your voice, your indignation, and your moral clarity ring out for years to come.

Robert Reich.

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