South Africans onslaught Prophet Bushiri for asking his followers to donate money. 

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been shredded by many users on social media for asking his followers to donate money at this lockdown, through his Facebook page.

The lock in south Africa means their no business ongoing there is not work ongoing, many people who are managing to survive do not have enough money to feed, let alone making donations.

In a video released online, Bushiri was asking his followers to pay their tithes and offerings.

He said “It is a Sunday, and I can’t operate without offering” there is a church account on the screen, pay your tithes and offerings right there” he instructed in a short video made available on Twitter.

He went on to advise his followers on what to do and what not to do.

“I want you to put your offering and tithe in the church account on the screen.

Put your seed, put your tithe, don’t hesitate. Don’t listen to the devil. Don’t listen to what people say. Don’t listen to what your mind says. Listen to what God says…” He concluded.

This passage riled up Twitter users that they shredded him.

Some even thought he said ” don’t listen to your man” instead of “Don’t listen to your mind”

“Did he say don’t listen to what your man is saying?” asked @Queen_Pardo.

@vittomohlanka said,

“A whole prophet says you shouldn’t listen to your husband, yet the husband is the head of the house according to the Bible… this one doesn’t have compassion. We’re in a middle of a crisis, economy-wise but he’s still milking people.”

@Madumetja_SoLo tweeted,

“Bushiri is playing a dangerous game with people’s wives now.”

” It would’ve have been nice if he donated money not this thing of sucking people’s lives who are about to lose their jobs in a few weeks”. 

A lot users were disappointed that the Prophet choose to rip off his followers instead of donating food and money to them.

“Instead of donating money or food parcels to his  poor congregation in this difficult time Bushiri is asking for more money”

Cross section of reactions from users who criticized the prophet.

@ASiramza confessed how she was once a victim of the same situation.

“I was a victim of something similar to #Bushiri’s scam. in a church I used to go to in Limpopo I opened my eyes d day d paster personally came 2 me to ask how much money do I have on my savings. After iv bn paying tithe nonstop every month,guys God saves😂”

Another user complained how his victims are mostly women, because they mostly use their heart instead of their brain.

The worst part about #Bushiri’s scams is that most of his victims are women because they don’t use their brains but hearts.Thereafter men must pick the pieces.Please ladies,stop being gullible and naive.Tithe is allowed in churches but when a pastor starts demanding It,leave..

No Pastor is supposed to tell you how much to tithe.Even if it’s R10 it’s allowed.There’s no law that dictates how much people should tithe.And your Pastor starts reminding you about tithe like the way #Bushiri and TB Joshua do,just know you’re funding their lifestyle…

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