Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the first billionaire player

Juventus and Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo has become the 3rd sportsman in the world behind golf star Tiger Woods and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr to earn $1bn during his career.

Despite three months paycut from Juventus, it is expected to reach the $1bn club in 2019-20.

Ronaldo has taken a pay cut of £3.45million, which, in line with the rest of his Juve team-mates, will help the Serie A giants save up to £100m from March until May.

The Italian Giant ,Old lady made the announcement in order to help them to cussion the effect of the revenue loss. But this has little effect of the Portuguese superstar too much.

The CR7 brand, has exclusively earned about €100m in 2019, which he’s expected to earn up to $1bn club in 2019–20, despite with the three month paycut.

Last season, The Argentine and Barcelona superstar earned more than him last season. Ronaldo who is currently 35 year old has almost 28 seasons in his career as professional football.

According to Forbes, Cristiano Ronaldo earned up to £89m last year.
However, his wage bills swallowed over half of that income making it £53m, including bonuses.

He earned over $36m per year from just his endorsement deals, which include, Nike underwear brand and other adverts like footwear, cologne and front cover of the FIFA 19 video game.

Only golf and boxing champions have reached numbers that level of the active players, whilst basketball legend Michael Jordan is the third member currently in the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo On Fatherhood & family life.

“It’s such a unique and personal journey, but something that has completely changed me. It has shown me things about love I never knew existed. It has softened me and given me new perspective on what is really important in life.

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